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Fox Soccer Academy Dominates Kinetic

Updated: May 11, 2021

It’s been 10 months in the waiting, with many changes to the competition and it’s structure but our scholars finally kicked off their ECFA league campaign in Leicester & London.

For the 2020/2021 season we will compete on a 6 week summer series playing 6 games with the aim to qualify for the national championships. In London our cat one team have been drawn against 3 giants in college football and will see us take on previous cat one champions FAB Academy, proven newcomers Procision Reading and the well known Kinetic Academy who have a historic record, working with signed professionals, released academy players and an academy who strong hold academy football in the South of London.

To kick off the campaign, our London scholars were handed a very tricky away fixture to Kinetic Academy with the added pressure of television and production companies following their every move. Both Fox Soccer Academy and Kinetic Academy have been chosen to be the stars of a 4 part documentary for Sky One, highlighting the day to day life of footballers In the south of London trying to make it professional and the struggles in the capital. South London has been the backdrop of many talented footballers with the likes of Jadon Sancho, Wilfred Zaha, Aaron Wan-Bassaka, Declan Rice, Callum Hudson-Odoi and many more coming through the streets of the south now labelled the ‘Concrete Catalonia’.

Before kick off, there was anticipation of what today might bring and the cameras caught every minute of action. Kinetic started on the front foot, controlling possession and early chances but both teams looked to find that first goal. It was on 30 minutes when Dominic Fisher stole possession of a loose back pass and lined up a powerful shot from distance, it was first blood to FSA as Kinetic keeping seen the ball roll into the back of the net and FSA London take a 1-0 lead. Kinetic Academy moved the ball very well, with a starting line up including many ex professional players from a host of professional clubs, it was expected that they would hold majority of possession. However, just before half time a great pattern of play was finished neatly by Nathan Best giving FSA London a very organised 2-0 lead at the break.

With half time team talks being filmed and observed by the television crew, the message was very clear from academy director Mark Smith. He demanded the same professionalism and intensity in the second half and instructed his players to keep a 30 minute clean sheet and pace on the counter attack to support the hopeful result. FSA London came out strong and immediately created 2 very good chances from sweeping free kicks with both attempts cleared off the line. Kinetic Academy found their feet again and moved the ball from side to side but a resistant midfield with a organised shape gave them no clear chances as the 60 minute mark struck.

Minutes ticked away, the players continued to push each other to stick to the objective set at half time and create chances on the counter attack and they did exactly that. With 10 minutes left, a long ball by keeper Thierri Manley was hunted down by striker Nathan Best who span the centre back excellently and blasted home from 8 yards to give FSA London a 3-0 lead. As time ran down, the cheers of every complete pass and applause of every tackle grew louder. The final whistle blew, FSA London celebrated emphatically, a dominant performance, a tactical plan and a crushing counter attack gave them all 3 points on opening day, the cameras filmed the final scenes of joy and jubilation. It was job done for Academy Director Mark Smith who seemed to enjoy a fantastic effort given from every player.

The south of London continues to produce exceptional footballers trying to break into the professional sport and be the next world star. These players have hard decisions to make at a very young age and dedicate years of their life to the battle in the capital. Many football academies provide their support to the fight and give these talented students an opportunity. Today belonged to Fox Soccer Academy.

Final Score

Kinetic Academy 0 - 3 Fox Soccer Academy London

Watch all highlights here.

Man of the Match - Nathan Best



Mark Smith - Programme Director

"I am delighted with the performance. Our players showed such professionalism and commitment to our tactics. At times they had to dig in deep but were ruthless on the counter-attack. This result shows the quality of players we are working with and how we have come as an academy. We know our players can play at the highest level and they proved that recently with great results against Leyton Orient, Luton Town and Cheltenham Town. I thought the players would show a nervousness in their game due to the hype around this fixture and the presence of the television and production companies, but they were dominant from start to finish."

For more information about Fox Soccer Academy and our Scholarship programme please visit our website at

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