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FSA PRO Leicester With 4 Out of 4 League Wins

After Tuesday's game vs Leicester City FC, this was the perfect opportunity for our CAT 2 players that have impressed this season, to get a chance in the CAT 1 squad.

In what was a dominant performance they came out 3-1 winners, however could have been more ruthless in front of goal.

FSA dominated the ball for 90 minutes working the FSD defence continuously throughout, it started in the first minute when Sam Carrolls goal was disallowed for offside in what was a close call. FSA then continued to create chances but couldn’t find the composure to convert until the 20th minute when Joe Kerins got on the end of a Ben White cross. At the half way point it was 1-0, however could have been a lot more.

FSA then started the second half strong, and it took 10 minutes before Charley Kilburn made it 2-0 after a great finish into the bottom corner. FSA then moved the ball well, but after a lapse in concentration FSD where able to get in and take their chance to make it 2-1. FSA didn’t panic and took control of the game again and just 6 minutes later Joe Kerins made it 3-1 with a great strike from the edge of the box.

Overall it was a good display by FSA, but felt disappointed that we couldn’t convert more of the chances created.

Man of the match: Charley Kilburn / Joe Kerins

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