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FSA PRO London Knockout Local Rivals Kinetic Academy

Two goals from Jakob El- Hage was enough to see FSA PRO Cat 1 side into the next round of the cup.

The third round of the ECFA Men's Trophy saw our CAT1 squad take on kinetic south at home. Yet to play them this year, FSA PRO London wanted to set the mark for future league encounters.

The game started as expected with both sides wanting to dominate possession. A quick start from both teams opened the game up early and allowed for chances to be created. The first Major chance fell to FSA as Dominic Fisher battled his way into the end of a log pass but hit the bouncing ball just wide of the goal. A let off for Kinetic early on. The next flash point in the game was a fantastic save from goalkeeper Thierri Manley who form point blank range got down to his left to block at shot over the cross bar. FSA Pro London continued to push and managed to win the ball high, unfortunately couldn’t punish and the first half ended 0-0.

The second half was even more dominant for FSA PRO. Chances continued to fall for the home team however they still couldn’t find the final bit of quality to score. However, that would all change as a cleared corner saw Lee Quincey deliver the ball back into the box, this time Jakob El-Hage was on hand at the back post to head it into the goal to take the lead. FSA Pro used this momentum and should have had a clear penalty when Dominic Fisher was brought down from behind however the foul wasn’t given. That wasn’t to matter though as 5 minutes later Jakob El-Hage scored his second of the game after another deep corner saw the CB unmarked and hit the net. The 2nd goal was enough to see the CAT 1 squad from London through to the end of the game and sees us enter the draw for the next round of the trophy.

Full Time: FSA Pro London 2-0 Kinetic Academy

Man of the match: Jakob El-Hage

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