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FSA PRO London Make History As They Reach The Nationals Final

FSA Pro London defeat Park View Academy 1-0 to progress into the ECFA National final for the first time in history.

There was a tense atmosphere around the pitch as the game started. FSA kicked off from right to left and immediately sent the ball deep into the opponent territory. Park View dealt with the early attack and got the ball down and played. Park View who were very aggressive in their passing and movements kept possession of the ball and tried to disorganise and pull the FSA players out of shape. FSA maintained their discipline and stayed compact not allowing Parkview any success and forcing most of the play into wide areas or backwards. The first 15 minutes, Park View had a majority of possession however it was FSA PRO who grew into the game quickly and started creating problems and attacks. Dominic Fisher on the left hand side was getting on the ball, driving at the opposition fullback. It didn’t take long for Park View to highlight Fisher as a real threat and target him. Strong, rash challenges against Fisher went unpunished until a high and late tackle threatened to injure Fisher badly. As FSA started to get a strong foothold in the game, Lee Quincey came close to scoring after striking a shot at goal from 35 yards out, unfortunately his attempt could only hit the post and ricocheted out. A second attempt from Dom Fisher shortly after was another let off for Park View as they managed to keep the score level at the half.

The second half, was a continuation of the last 15 minutes of the first half. FSA were trying to find a way to get through the sturdy defence of Park View. A switch of play from Errikos Biniakou allowed Denzel Akyeampong space to get forward. Akyemapong delivered the ball into the box into the feet of Biniakou who attempted a shot but was blocked for a corner. The game had developed into a scrappy game, Lee Quincey dominating the midfield third in the air stopping any clearances reaching the forward men. As Park View got more frustrated, FSA managed to build more successful attacks. Dom Fisher picked up the ball on the left hand side, combining with Kenny Bellamingle, a quick 1-2 between the pair meant Bellamingle was free to attack the centre back, a helpful touch off of the centre back added some spin to the ball which hit the back post and fell into the goal! 1-0 FSA PRO London. Park View in response had a change in formation, needing a goal they put two players up top to maximise their chances of scoring. The new intensified attacks from Park View revealed FSA’s desire to defend. The opponent built sustained attacks but were limited to long distance shots which were blocked by Jakob El-Hage and Evan Kelly. FSA maintained a good structure off of the ball and launched counter attacks. FSA thought they had another goal scoring opportunity when Dominic Fisher read the flight of the ball and ran past the last man. The Park View CB wasn’t going to allow Fisher to run down on goal and grabbed the neck of Fisher's shirt and dragged him down. The referee gave the foul but only a caution to the dismay of the crown and FSA staff. Park View continued their attempts on goal but struggled to have anything materialise. A late chance for FSA came when Lee Quincey delivered a free kick into the box. Cameron Ashia was on the end of the free kick but failed to get enough contact on the ball to turn it in towards goal. Park View had one more effort on goal, a late throw and flicked header almost found the back of the net but FSA goalkeeper, Thierri Manley was on hand to smother the ball and diminish any chance, A huge effort from FSA PRO London was met by celebration as the final whistle was blown after 13 minutes of injury time in the second half. FSA PRO London have qualified for the ECFA National final while keeping another clean sheet on the way.

After the final whistle blew, FSA PRO London had to wait an hour to find out the score in the other semi final game between AFC Sudbury and our very own FSA PRO Leicester,

Full Time: FSA PRO London 1-0 Park View Academy

Man of the match: Dominic Fisher

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