End of Week Review 02/20

Storm Brendan definitely hit us this week but it certainly didn’t dampen our spirit as over 100 boys trained in the storm at our elite centres in Leicester & London.

We caught up with Programme Director Mark Smith earlier in the week to see how the programme would be adapted.

“We plan quite far in advance for our elite centres and our coaches always talk at the start of each week incase changes are needed. We seen that we were in for bad weather with the storm hitting us hard on the Monday and Tuesday. 

The important thing is to make sure the children come prepared for the weather but I think this is the worst conditions were have ever faced. It’s always hard to plan when you don’t know what numbers your going to get in each group but it’s important that the coaches are

ready to adapt things. When the weather isn’t going to be the best, sessions are heavily based around fun and the players getting as much movement and touches on the ball as possible. Lots of small sided stuff and quick rotations are key so they keep up the intensity as individuals and don’t let the weather overtake the mind. 

What always helps is the characteristics of the coaches who are always positive and drive the session forward with engagement and fun. It’s important that parents know they are still safe and if things ever get too bad we always have health and safety at the front of our mind”.

As it turned out, the parents, players and coaches were all brilliant this week and we thank you all.

Our scholars also took on the challenge of playing in this weeks weather and came out wIth great results as we won 4 out of 5 games.

Our Leicester boys took all 3 points in both their CAT 1 & CAT 2 games and secured their place in this seasons Nationals as they guaranteed a top 3 finish in the CAT 1. With 3 games remaining the focus is now on wInning the title on first time in asking. Both London and Leicester also sit top of the league in their CAT 2 divisions as we push to regain trophies.

Both sites now look forward to a break in the league for a week and entertain games in the final 32 of the ECFA Men’s Knockout Trophy.

Our boys scored 21 goals this week with 6 players all grabbing a brace but well done to Cory Holdom who was the only player to score a hat trick.

Have a great weekend,

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