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FSA PRO Defeat Wolves After Second Half Comeback

FSA Pro travelled to the Sir Jack Haywood training facility to face a very competitive Wolverhampton Wanderers team in their latest showcase game.

FSA started brightly with the first chance in the game but were halted in their progress early by Wolves who immediately started to move the ball and keep possession well. The Fox players expecting this frustrated Wolves and only allowed passes to be played long, in behind. This was dealt with by the strong centre back pairing of Jakob El-Hage and Redor Omar who used their size and pace to physically dominate the wolves attacking players. Momentum started to swing in favour to FSA as they settled into the game. Lee Quincey operating as a lone defensive midfielder did a fantastic job of stopping the forward passes of the wolves midfielders and breaking down play. After a good period of play from FSA, Wolves managed to create a dangerous counter attack, a long searching pass was played over the defence and was met by the Wolves striker. Thierri Manley had committed to meeting the ball but was caught short as the striker attempted to lift the ball over Manley but put too much on it and saw it bounce over the bar. This close call was enough to spark a reaction for the foxes and they started to have success in key areas. A free kick in a dangerous area for FSA almost came to fruition, Joseph Opoku hit the post and saw his attempt ricochet around then box. A few moments later Opoku managed to hit the woodwork again this time the crossbar. Jakob EL-Hage was in place to finish the rebound by was put off by the recovering defenders and headed the ball over the bar. Wolves now under pressure attempted to change their style of play and attempt to run the fullbacks however individual performances from Akyeampong and Opoku meant that Wolves were struggling to have any joy. FSA seemed to be in control of the game and comfortable however a misplaced pass on the stroke of half time meant that Wolves pounced and managed to fire a shot around Manley and took the lead.

FSA used half time to regroup and take on information delivered to them. A frustrating 1st half was motivation for FSA to go and find a goal. FSA continued to keep a well structured shape and started to ovary their routes of attack. Akyeampong and Opoku managing to get forward more frequently and Cameron Ashia started to have a bigger influence on the game. A counter attack with Fisher and Opoku lead to Fisher getting into a threatening possession to finish. A first time strike from Fisher went beyond the keepers reach and hit the post but Charlie Sisarello was the late arriving midfielder on hand to follow up and finish the tap in. A piece of good fortune allowed FSA to level the scoring in the 60th minute. A change briefly after the goal saw Hughes come off and Bella-Mingle come on with Fisher going up top. A change that caused Wolves problems from the moment it happened. Continuous attacks for FSA dropped the Wolves defence deeper and deeper, another attack down the left hand side saw Opoku skip past two defenders and enter the 18 yard box. Opoku managed to find the feet of Bella Mingle who then delightfully lifted the ball up and over the Wolves goalkeeper into the far corner of the goal to give FSA Pro the deserved goal. A difficult period for Wolves was ended through a well placed pass penetrated the FSA midfield, Redor Omar stepped in to win the ball but made contact with he man first giving away a free kick and earning himself a yellow card. The resulting free kick was collected by Jaidon Regis and another counter attack was set up. Substitute Errikos Biniakou burst through the wolves defence but tripped over his own feet and lost possession of the ball. The remainder of the game saw both teams struggle to create any clear cut chances. The only clear chance was produced by FSA when EL-Hage was on hand again to try and turn in a misplaced shot who came agonisingly close but missed by inches. The final phase of play came from Wolves who had managed to receive the ball in the midfield. A clever pass behind the defence meant that Omar was caught out and tripped the Wolves striker to stop him going on and scoring. This resulted in Omar's exit from the game after receiving a second yellow and a red card. The free kick was the last action of the game and whistled wide of the post. FSA PRO managed to hold on to the one goal lead they had and finished the game as deserved winners.

Final Score: Wolves 1-2 FSA Pro

Man of the match: Charlie Sissarello

This was FSA Pro’s first CAT 1 professional academy win and the second professional academy they have beaten in as many weeks. Both FSA PRO London and Leicester now look forward to competing against each other in the final showcase game of the year situated at St. George's Park in front of 40 professional scouts and clubs.

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