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FSA PRO London a Step Closer To CAT1 Title

Kinetic North had a lot to prove after suffering a heavy defeat the last time time the teams met, FSA Pro London needing a win to edge them another step closer to the ECFA CAT 1 title.

FSA Pro London started the game well, keeping possession well despite the high and aggressive press Kinetic were trying to impose. The game was challenging for both teams and they often matched each other in areas across the pitch. Opportunities fell for FSA Pro with Denzel Akyeampong who managed to overlap Kenny Bella Mingle however the recovering Kinetic left back did well to block any cross that Akyeampong attempted. The resulting corners had potential to be dangerous with both Evan Kelly and Jakob El-Hage scoring in previous games from set pieces. Kinetic managed to defend the set pieces well, the goalkeeper coming out to affect the ball and relieving the defence. FSA Pro had to change their style of play, getting balls down on the floor and engaging their defenders higher up the pitch allowing passes in behind. Kinetic struggled to deal with this and started to lose their shape. FSA Pro launched an attack which was initially defended however a shot from Kenny Bella Mingle forced Kinetic centre back Bony Tchoupe out to block however using his hand in the process giving away a penalty. Cameron Ashia took on responsibility for the penalty walked up to the ball before slotting it away. Kinetic struggled to build any meaningful attacks often getting the ball up the pitch high but failing to maintain any possession to attack. FSA Pro recognised this and pressed higher intercepting passes into the midfield and shooting on site. FSA Pro couldn’t increase their lead and Kinetic held out until half time. The second half continued in a similar fashion. Kinetic were trying to gain a foothold in the game by being aggressive and increasing their physical presence on the game. This however ended up negatively affecting them as they started giving away free kicks. FSA Pro continued to keep the ball and worked it outside to the wingers. The next attempt at goal was a missed attempt from Kenny Mingle who put the ball just wide after a delightful cross from Mark Soares. Another chance went begging for Mingle after beating two kinetic defenders and placing a shot into the side of the goal, only for it to be tipped around the post by the outstretched goalkeeper. Mark Soares who had come on in the second half got a deserved goal. After a failed clearance from Cameron Ashia’s cross Mark Soares volleyed the ball into goal with great technique down to the goalkeepers left. FSA Pro then managed the game not allowing Kinetic to achieve their target of scoring. FSA Pro London looked in control of the game at all times and delivered a performance that was mature and professional against a good Kinetic team. FSA Pro London 2-0 Kinetic North 0

Man of the Match: Kenny Bella Mingle

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