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FSA Pro London Take on Title Challengers

FSA Pro travelled to Crystal Palace to face Next Generation pro, who sit third in the ECFA CAT 1 league standings.

Immediately from kick off the intensity of the game was clear to see, both teams were trying to get an early sense of dominance. It was FSA Pro however that did look the most threatening creating some half chances and enjoying success down the flanks of the opposition. Control of the game looked to be decided by the team who managed the midfield area the best. FSA Pro player Lee Quincey demonstrated fantastic game understanding intercepting and marshalling the midfield third giving the Next Generation midfield no space to play. This allowed FSA to push players forward building play and applying pressure to the oppositions defence. The consistent pressure was eventually rewarded, George Hughes scoring a poachers goal after a deflected shot landed at his feet in the six yard box. Next Generation were taken a back and FSA went looking to add a second soon after. However Next Generation pushed back and started having success of their own. After hitting the crossbar minutes after conceding they managed to find the back of the net. The Next Generation player drilling the ball past Thierri Manley who couldn’t do any more to protect the goal. After thirty Minutes the score was 1-1. The game swung between both teams for the remainder of the half. FSA did have a goal disallowed after Jakob El-Hage headed in a free kick from Lee Quincey but was ruled offside.

The Second Half began with a similar intensity. Next Generation tried to push and score early on but were defended against well. Denzel Akyeampong and Marcus Anwar right and left back for FSA Pro respectively were coming out on top in their battles against the technical wingers. Akyeampong managed to do more than that and started to have influence attacking the opposite full back. That influence was set in stone when Akyeampong was pushed in the back after getting to the ball first and being rewarded a penalty. George Hughes stepped up and converted the penalty calmly to give FSA Pro the lead after 60 minutes. The goal looked to have filled FSA Pro with confidence as more chances started to fall. Dominic Fisher came close to scoring twice with two brilliant efforts however both missing by inches. The closest Next Generation came to scoring was through their wide player who made a fantastic run and could only be stopped by a crowd of FSA players on the edge of their 18 yard box. After stopping Next Generations efforts FSA Pro continued their efforts to find another goal. After his earlier attempts Dominic Fisher was looking to score. After Lee Quincey played the ball Fisher with a good first touch volleyed the ball goal bound, with a slight touch from the keeper the ball found the back of the net and FSA Pro managed to put another goal between themselves and Next Generation. The final blow to Next Generations efforts came from George Hughes who was after his hat trick goal. Marcus Anwar who had broken forward managed to find Hughes in space. A good turn and touch into space around the goal keeper allowed Hughes to finish the ball and score his third of the day! With that being the last action of the day, Next Generation didn’t have time to reply and the game finished.

FSA Pro London 4-1 Next Generation Pro

Man of the match: George Hughes

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