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FSA Pro CAT 2a Started Season with a Tough Scoreless Draw Away at Brookhouse

Our FSA Pro Cat 2a team started their season with a 0-0 opener away at Brookhouse College.

After a hectic and scrappy first half both teams found it hard to keep the ball with possession turning between teams regularly. With minimal chances at both ends it was no surprise when the teams went in scoreless at half time.

From the start of the second half FSA Pro raised their quality on the ball and straight away looked far better than the first half. Chances were being created with Harry Hawkins finding himself through on goal twice but unable to finish.

The FSA defence looked comfortable at the back handling any Brooke House counter attacks with Tom Coates putting in an outstanding performance. Goalkeeper Jalal Anware came to the rescue when Brookhouse came close with 15 mins left to play.

FSA Pro continued to press for a winner with Harry Hawkins, Ziggy Joachim & Charlie Fenwick having opportunities but time ran out for the visitors with the game finishing 0-0.

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